Soup № 1: Curry, Coconut & Chicken!

Just this Thursday night I was so in the mood for soup. It’s fall in Denmark and that means soup weather. I’ve tried potato-leek soup, minestrone soup, chicken soup, carrot-ginger soup and so on. But I never really tested any curry soups myself. And that is weird since I’ve always loved eating them. And so the research began. Last week at work I tasted a Curry/Coconut soup, so I already decided, that this soup was gonna have coconut milk in it. Oh boy, the internet did not have anything of what I was looking for – so I made my own recipe! And I think it turned out great. Only thing is that I didn’t put enough coconut milk in – so I adjusted that for this recipe.

Curry Coconut Soup

Click here for Printable!

Here you have the Ingredients for a big ass pot of soup. In our house it served 6 people as a main course: 

4 onions, chopped
4 tbs curry
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Half of a whole rotisserie chicken or about 2 cups of packed chicken meat
1½ liter boiled hot water, (6 cups)
2 chicken boullion cubes
1 dl  rice e.g. Wholegrain rice, (a small ½ cup)
300 grams frosen peas
3-5 carrots, cubed or thinly sliced
2 red bellpeppers, cubed
2 cans coconut milk, (400 ml or 1½ cup)

Curry coconut soup
Onions are sweating in the big pan!

How to turn this into a soup: 

I used my Jamie Oliver non-stick pan to cook up everything. It is big enough for the whole thing and I’m sure nothing burns.

Get the pan to medium heat and add about a tablespoon of butter, oil or any fat you prefer. I used butter. Roast the onions for about 5 minutes, or until they are soft and translucent.

Add the curry and let it roast for another 3 minutes. My curry was not to strong, but depending on the curry 4 tbs may me to much, to little or way to much.
Add the garlic and keep it stirring for about a minute.

Now you add the water and boullioncubes and stir until the cubes have dissolved.
Once that comes to a boil you wanna add the rice along with 2 topped tbsp of salt. I used a wholegrain rice with a cookingtime of 30 minutes, so I let my soup boil for that amount of time. You just check your package of rice and follow that.

Once I was sure that the rice were cooked i added carrots, peas and bellpeppers along with the coconut milk. Then I turned down the heat and the whole thing simmered for about 5 minutes.

Afterwords my husband asured me that the vegetables should have been a lot softer. If you agree with my husband you simply add the veggies at the same time as the rice. That is pretty much up to you. I myself like having to chew the vegetables but the soft edition was indeed wonderful too.

Now the soup is done! You just grab a spoon and taste it. It will need salt – I promise you that! Maybe it will need some curry too – that’s harder to determine.

We ate the soup with the awesome Chef John Flatbread again. I’m obsessed with those bad boys!


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