Banana & Egg Pancakes!

I know this has become a complete internet classic! But I too have my very own take on the healthy pancake era, and I’ll share it with you today! Why? Because I love pancakes!

My Husband and I used to buy these great pancakes at the supermarket. They were super fatty and unhealthy, and they tasted like a dream! After a minute in the micro you’d get two minutes in food-heaven.

Then I started dieting – oh how that changed everything. So now the crappy delicious pancakes are gone and the banana pancakes are all in!

I have looked at a bunch of recipes and tried a lot of different things, and I’ll talk all about that at the bottom of this post.

Pancakes with eggs and banana

For a PDF in both Danish and English click here!

Ingredients for about 15 pancakes: 

4 eggs
2 bananas
1 dl rolled oats
1 dl oat- or wheat bran
1 dl of water

FYI: 1 dl is 0,42 cups! I’m pretty sure ½ a cup won’t mess this up 🙂

How to get this into a pancake batter:

how to make banana egg pancakes

This is as easy as it gets. The directions are: Mash the bananas – then add everything else! Now you have a batter!

You adjust the thickness of the batter with water. Maybe you need the whole deciliter, maybe you need a little less or a little more. It depends on what you like. But 1 dl will work, that I promise!

Destroying the first batch and then making pancakes: 

Isn’t it a universal rule that the first pancake sucks? Oh yes it is. This is a comparison of my first and second try. Now you can see for yourself!

first batter vs second batter pancakes

But eventually there will be a nice little stack of beautiful pancakes. What really makes the difference for me is frying it up in butter or getting the really good non-stick pan out, of course. But seriously – first pancake is always horrible!

You need your pan to be on medium heat, and be ready to adjust the heat along the way.

I use about 1/3 dl or 1/8 cup of batter for each pancake. But then again – sometimes I use a tablespoon and make super cute mini pancakes. Those are delicious one-bite goodies. You just make them how you like them okay. Size doesn’t matter for this batter.

One tip! Do not try flipping the pancake before it is ready to be flipped. Don’t worry, it won’t burn. Just give it until it lets go of the pan easily! And then flip it and let it finish on the other side. And that’s it. Your pancake is done in 2-3 minutes.

making pancakes

The sky is the limit when it calls for toppings:

I have made yet another little collage for you. Even though these pancakes are a lot healthier than most pancakes, we don’t make the toppings healthy! At least not yet! Here is a little flash into how we make life a lot sweeter!

Toppings for pancakes

Healthifying the crap out of pancakes:

Now, we can all agree that these toppings are not waistline appropriate. I’ll help you with that. Originally this recipe was with milk instead of water – so that is a little bit saved. Then, when I’m not that hungry, cutting the oats and bran in half works too.

If you leave out the oats and bran altogether, the pancakes become a lot sweeter and you can eat them without any toppings. That is a great solution too. One very nice way to skip the topping is if you add 1-2 tbsp of cocoapowder to the batter or a tbsp of jam! Chocolate pancakes are just awesome! Hiding 1 grated apple in the batter along with 1 tbsp of cinnamon would be a great fall edition!

Calorie-free sweeteners like Sukrin works quite alright and some fresh fruit seems to taste out of this world delicious. The possibilities are endless and no one should have to say no to pancakes anymore!

The easiest way to cut down is really to invite people over and share your pancakes with them!


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