Breakfast Oatmeal Muffins!

Right when I started my new job I was trying out new easy to-go breakfast alternatives. I get up at 6 a.m. so I need something that I can bring to work and eat at 8.30. That means it’s muffintime!

So we are back to the health issue. All the recipes I seemed to stumble upon were filled with honey, flour or sugar. No offense but I have the American people suspected for using a lot more sugar in everything than we Danes are used to. In general we don’t like food that is to sweet. Since Denmark is a small country with ocean all around everyone lives less than 50 miles/90 km from the ocean. It’s a common understanding, that living so close to the ocean has made us salt-lovers. A lot of Danes add salt to their food without tasting it first and we often think cakes and stuff from other countries are way to sweet. In fact it is such a problem in Denmark that political campaign for reducing the salt intake are just as normal as the ones telling us to eat less sugar. So that’s a bit of Danish culture for you right here.

So obviously I wanted something that was a lot closer to oatmeal in a muffinshape than a Turkish delight. Finally I stumpled upon this this recipe and it looked close to what I had in mind. I tried it – then I altered it – and then I tried a thousand different variations! Now I have my breakfast to-go and I couldn’t be happier.

Healthy breakfast

For a printable version of this recipe here is a PDF

Here is a basic recipe for about 30 muffins:
425 grams of rolled oats
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsb salt
2 dl milk (1,5% was my preference, 0,5% is fine too)
5 dl water
2 eggs
230 grams of banana (about 3 small bananas, mashed thoroughly)
1 tsp vanilla aroma

These ingredients are combined in a bowl and mixed well.

Bringing taste into the muffin: 
Now we have a basic muffin that is actually ready for the oven. But it is kind of boring as is.
So I have listed a number of variations here that you should feel free to try. For an even better result – test your own variations and comment below!

Originally it was apple and cinnamon muffins:
You take 2 apples and cut into small cubes. Mix them in the dough along with 2 tbs of cinnamon.

Healthy Breakfast muffins

I also tried a pear and berry version that was very delightful:
You cube 2 pears into small pieces. Then you take 1 dl of water in a pot along with some frozen mixed berrys. Bring them to a boil and let it boil for 5 minutes at least. I usually keep a glass of these in the fridge and just take a dl of it when I’m baking.
Take the pears and 1 dl of the berries and mix gently in the dough.

For me there has to be a coco version of everything:
Add 1 tbsp of unsweetend cocoapowder to the mix. If you want to make sure your cake dosen’t turn bitter add one ekstra banana or a little sugar/sweetener.

A plain banana muffin is allways nice:
This one is super duper simple! You just take 2 more bananas and cut them into small cubes. Then add then to the mixture.

For the non-chewer there is a smooth version:
A smooth version is simply the work of my foodprocessor. I made the batter in my foodprocessor so it became very smooth. That calls for an awesome cake to!

A nuts and caramel oh-so-sinful kind:
I took a pan on medium heat and then roasted about 1½ dl of mixed nuts and raisins with some sugar. The sugar melted and the nuts browned and it was all delicious! This is a more decadent not so healthy cake – but man is it good! Once the hot mix on the pan was browned I stirred it in the batter and a gorgeous cake was born.

Baking the cakes: 
Now that you’ve chosen your taste and the batter is good to go it’s time to devide it in the muffin liners. I prefer paper liners because I think they stick to much in my muffin tray. But this one time at a friends we made them in silicone liners and that worked like a charm!

When I altered the recipe I found that my version needs a lot more time in the oven. I usually bake them in a 200° C / 400 ° F oven for 25-35 minutes. It depends on how soggy you want them. I like them soggy and in my oven that is 25 minutes. My husband likes then more cake-like and that means a good 45 minutes.

Keep these refrigerated until eating time and eat them before they get mold. I ate mine for a week and that didn’t kill me, and I kept a bunch in the freezer for longer storage too.


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