The Super Fast & Cheating Kind of Falafel

I’ll admit this! I always look for an easy way out. Also when it comes to cooking. That’s why I want to find an easy way to make falafel so badly. Nothing inside me wants to soak chickpeas 24 hours before. If cooking takes more than 4 hours, it’s simply too time consuming!

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make my delicious Falafel again – it just means I’ll have to tell everyone about it over and over again to make myself feel better about spending so much time on one meal.

Now, this is my take on a much easier Falafel recipe. The amounts you see in the pictures have been adjusted, cause, let’s face it, nobody want that much frozen parsley in their Falafel. It makes them taste like grandma’s parsley sauce. We don’t want that!

Falafel with canned chickpeas

Here is a PDF version for you to print!

Easy ingredients for 15 Falafels:

1 can of Chickpeas
2 tbsp of frozen Parsley
1 tsp ground Cumin
½ tsp ground Coriander
¼ tsp Baking soda
1½ tbsp wholewheat Flour
1 tbsp Lemon juice (from autozitron ofc)
1½ tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
2 tbsp Garlic powder
½ an Onion (could be onion powder, but I don’t have that)
½ a tsp Cayenne pepper

Rinse the chickpeas a lot. Don’t stop until they smell like chickpeas instead of can.
Dry the chickpeas in a clean kitchen towel.
Give your onion a blend in the foodprocessor.
Now, mix everything in the foodprocessor and blend until your mix is way less pureed than mine was. Stop as soon as the mix can stick like a ball on a spoon and doesn’t fall apart.

Easy falafels with canned chickpeas

It’s cooking time:
Now you have 3 options. Bake, fry or deep fry!
Deep-fry is always best, taste wise, but oven baked is healthiest and easiest.
Deep frying in a pot of oil or a deep fryer will take about 3-5 minutes. Most important is that your oil is hot enough, or the falafels turn dry.
Frying in a skillet is an easy alternative, tasting just as delicious as deep fried. You take a decent amount of olive oil. Use as much as you are comfortable with. I’m pretty sure you can’t overdo it. They will be done in 5-7 minutes on a pan. Remember to turn them often so they don’t burn.
The last option is the oven. I preheated mine to a solid 200°C/400°F and then they got 30 minutes in there. After 15 minutes you carefully turn the falafels, be careful, it’s tricky!

Now you have 3 kinds of Falafel and it was super easy.

Tips for you
If you want to do a little foodprep you can store the falafel dough in the fridge covered in wrap. This also developes flavor so it is not at all bad.

When shaping your falafels into balls, remember to have damp hands. Just have a bowl of warm water by your side, and dip in it. That will make your hands a little less of a dough magnet.

You decide the shape of your falafel yourself. But make your decision wisely. If you need them to fit into a pita, it is not so smart to make big round balls. Flat patties are a lot more useful for that purpose.

Pita with falafels salad and tzaziki
This isn’t very photogenic, but this is how we at them! In a broken pita topped with loads of salad and tzatziki!

Pita and Falafel are buddies! And they hang with tzatziki and hummus. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You could use your Falafels with Greek potatoes and salad or maybe I should even experiment with what kind of sauce would work with Falafels and spaghetti… Maybe you’ll hear about that in the future.


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