Pork ala Italia

This is a very popular meal in my household and with everywhere else I have ever made it. I have never met someone who didn’t like this meal! That says a lot I think.

I can’t argue, that this is not very Italian! But I am sorry, I didn’t name it. But aside from the name this dish is awesome, it has a lot of ingredients and there are thousands of alterations at the end!

And I know – this doesn’t look that much like the gastronomical wonder it is. But Hey! Give it the benefit of the doubt.

Ingredients for up to 6 people:



500 g ground pork (1 pound)
125 g cubed turkey bacon (4,5 oz)
1 onion (140 grams)
1,5 tsp curry
½ tbsp salt
½ tsp pepper
1 can of asparagus + the water (220 grams/8 oz drained weight)
Water (approx. 4 dl/1,8 cup)
70 g tomato puree concentrate (2,25 oz)
200 g cream cheese (7 oz) (Neutral flavor or some herb or onion flavor)
2 carrots (80 grams)
500 g frozen peas (1 pound)

Served with:
Shredded mozzarella and spaghetti OR ovenbaked potatoes.





Instructions on making this gastronomic wonder.
1. Dice the onion, shred the carrots and drain the aspargus (save the water).
2. In your big fryingpot, on medium high heat, fry the bacon real good. Place the fried bacon on a paper towel until you need it.
3. Fry the ground pork in the left baconfat.
4. When the meat is half-done add the seasoning and the onion.
5. Keep stirring this around while it’s frying for about 4 minutes.
6. Now add the water from the asparagus, the tomato puree, carrots and water (enough to cover the meat).
7. Let this simmer under a lid for at least 10 minutes, but 30 minutes will be just as fine.
8. Now add the cream cheese and asparges.
9. Let this boil and thicken a little.
10. Now add the peas and bacon and just when the peas are hot you serve this.

This originally serves 6 people. In my household it serves 7 because I eat 200 grams and Husband eats 340 grams. In my latest calculations I got a solid 91 kcal pr 100 grams af this. That is pretty neat actually.

Pork ala Italia

This is the dish when served with ovenbaked potatoes. It’s not pretty or anything, but it tastes soooo good! But if you make this, do yourself a favor and try it with spaghetti and shredded mozarella – it is amazing! Truly amazing!

The Danish recipe is here


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