Smoothies! a Combination Collection!

I like Smoothies and Milkshakes! Well, who doesn’t?? This post is simply an ongoing collection of my favorite combinations.

With all the combinations you should adjust the liquid amount to your liking. I like a smoothie to be a little on the thin side but sometimes a smoothie that can be eaten with a spoon is all you need!

My First Combination, a very classic is Pink Banana Smoothie:

1 glass
1 frozen Banana
3 Frozen Strawberry’s
½ cup cold water

I know, a lot of people use some kind of milk or dairy for their smoothies, but I tend to like the water, so the taste doesn’t get all to intense. So you will see a lot more water action in these combo’s.

Banana-Pear Smoothie:

1 glass:
1 frozen Banana
1 frozen Pear
½ cup cold waterPear Banana Smoothie
One more thing I never use is sweetener. I will just have to tell you this: Fruit is already sweet! Stop the madness!

Banana-Kiwi smoothie:

2 glasses:
1½ frozen Banana
3 yellow Kiwi’s
½ cup cold water

When I Smoothie I always use a foodprocessor! I have a pure hate relationship with actual blenders. They hate me and I hate them. I hate cleaning them, I hate that the fruit get stuck. I hate it! And I will encourage you to switch to the foodprocessor method at your earliest convenience!

Chocolate Smoothie! 

1 glas:
1 frozen Banana
1 tsp cocoa powder
Optional: 1 tbsp Nutella
½ cup milk

This one is not the health movement smoothie. But oh-no it is so good!

Peach & Banana Smoothie!
1 canned peach
½ banana
0,75 cup milk or yoghurt (Or half of each)
½ cup icecubes
Splash of vanilla

Peach&Banana Smoothie

Snickers Smoothie
10 g Peanuts
200 ml Milk
Ice cubes
100 g Banana
7 g cocoa powder
8 g syrup

This smoothie had a funny color and it was a little weird in texture – but the taste was great. It needs a little perfection.

Red Lemon 
Juice of 1 lemon
1 cup strawberry
1 banana
3 Ice cubes
1 cup milkLemon Strawberry smoothie

1 cup spinach
½ cup cucumber
½ cup pear
½ cup banana
4 ice cubes
½ cup water


Ginger & Raspberry 
1 small piece of fresh ginger
Raspberry 1 cup
Ice cubes 4
Yogurt 1 dl
Strawberry 50 gram
Banana 100 gram
Spinach 50 gram
Chia seedsGinger Rasberry smoothie

Now, about Raspberries! Frozen raspberries do need to boil for about a minute to be safe to eat. I just make raspberry ice cubes like the picture below. This also keeps well in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Making Raspberry icecubes

2 Carrots
Tiny nub ginger root

I will say this only once – carrot smoothies are not for everyone. And they are not for me.

Piña Colada
90 g Coconutmilk
180 g Pineapple
130 g Banana
110 g MilkPinâ Colada Smoothie

Everything from the freezer – smoothie

I tend to mix stuff up when I am in the mood for a smoothie. This time my freezer had pear, raspberry, strawberry, and grapes – and my fridge had a little yogurt. I blended it all with ½ cup water and it was great!

Berry Mix Smoothie


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