Quiche № 00 – the Dough!

This post is mainly a spacesaver. It it here because I will soon be introducing a series of different quiches – which you should look forward to! But for now my only responsibility is to prepare you, by making sure everyone can make a quiche dough (or buy one from the store).

Quiche Dough

Ingredients for 1 quiche!

200 g Flour (See the bottom of the page)
80 g Butter
¼ tsp Salt
Up to 5 tbsp ice cold Water


  1. Combine flour, salt and butter in foodprocessor
  2. Mix until it resembles small peas
  3. Add water while pulsing, stop when it forms a dough
  4. Refrigerate until needed covered in plastic wrap
  5. When needed: Flour a surface lightly, roll the dough out so it is big enough to cover the dish
  6. Place dough in dish and prick with a fork
  7. Add filling

Step by step quiche dough

My method for great dough – a little nontraditional:

So I ran all out of flour one day. I only had my all white refined crap flour left. So I looked deeply into my cabinets. There it was, some old 6-kernel mix I bought in Germany last year. It was a mix of whole wheat, rye, oat, spelt, barley and buckwheat kernels. I took some and added boiling water to soak it.

After one hour I drained the kernels and broke them down in my foodprocessor. I used 50/50 of this mixture and the all purpose flour and then I held back on the water, cause the kernels were already wet. This was a great alternative, but also a lot more work. What I will say with this is: you always have stuff in your cabinets to make a dough. Trust me!

You could also just use all purpose flour, but it is not very interesting. I think at least wholewheat flour as a minimum and even better, use a combination of different flour, like buckwheat, rye e.g. If you are going to use all plain flour you might as well buy a ready made dough!

FYI: This amount will fit into any dish – trust me – I have used it for my entire Quiche series!


6 thoughts on “Quiche № 00 – the Dough!

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