Soup № 2: Minestrone!

I like soup! But I will share this deep dark secret with you: I don’t make them myself. I almost always end up with the ready-made frozen soups from the Danish Brand Mou – cause they are divine! Especially the traditional Danish “clear soup with meat- and flour balls” – as it translates directly – is just much better when bought ready-made.

With this secret out – I am still me – and that means I will still have to try making everything myself – just for fun. In the fall I had a vegetable mania and in that period I tried making Minestrone for the first time. Then time flew by and just before winter ended I realized I should try making it again. So I did, and this is the recipe for it! But one thing is important to take note of! Minestrone shouldn’t be the same every time. My recipe is split in two, a base and the filling. The base is delicious and the vegetables can be changed around at your greatest desire.

Minestrone Soup

Dinner for 10 people (12 people if served with bread):
1½ liter water
2 bullion cubes
800 g canned tomatoes
2 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp dried basil
½ tsp dried thyme
1 tsp dried oregano

1) Meats:
100 g Turkey-bacon

2) Veggies that needs frying:
1 onion
3 leeks
5 carrots
5 potatoes
4 celery

3 cloves garlic
250 g cabbage
2 red bell peppers
2 cups pasta

4) Beans and stuff:
250 g chickpeas (Canned)
120 g lentils (Canned)

5) Veggies that only needs to get hot, not boiled:
180 g peas
75 g corn
70 g spinach


  1. Cut all your vegetables into desired pieces.
  2. Find a very big pot (Minimum 6 liters) or cut the recipe in ¼.
  3. Fry the bacon until your desired dryness and keep on a paper towel for later.
  4. In the big pot add the vegetables from 2) – these are all vegetables that needs to be fried or need a lot of time to soften up. Have this cook on medium-high heat while stirring for a minimum of 7 minutes.
  5. Now add the water, bullion cubes, canned tomatoes and salt and let it come to a boil.
    1. NOTE: If you are using potatoes, this should boil for at least 5 minutes before you move on to the next step, to ensure that they will be done at the same time as the pasta!
  6. When it’s boiling add the ingredients from 3). Set a timer for the time the pasta needs to boil, cover with a lid, stir every few minutes.
  7. When the pasta is ½ way finished, you add the ingredients from 4)
    1. NOTE: If you are using any kind of dried/uncooked beans or lentils, these should be added a lot earlier, so they have time to cook!
  8. Add 5) and the pepper, thyme, oregano and basil when the pasta is 1 minute from done. Let the spinach wilt down and then it is ready to give a little taste and adjust the seasoning to your liking.

I know this is a long recipe! It seems like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. You can just take whatever is in your fridge and make it into a soup. I have a lot of other vegetable ideas for you right here: Asparagus, squash, cherry tomatoes, fennel, broccoli ect. The limits aren’t there! Just make it your own!

Now I don’t eat vegetarian at all – but the meatless Monday concept crosses my mind every now and them, so if you would like, just change the bullion for vegetable and skip bacon. Now it’s vegetarian. Easy!

This has about 55 calories / 100 grams and I eat a whopping 500 grams for dinner. Without bread.


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