Quiche № 4: Cherry Tomato, Pesto and Feta Cheese

This is probably the most sophisticated Quiche I will EVER make! Like literally! This looks so so pretty, it’s not nearly as messed up as my Taco Quiche, it doesn’t scream cheap like my Potato & Onion Quiche and you just feel a lot more in fashion when you eat this Quiche.

Do you sense that I am particularly proud of this, the fourth Quiche? This time its kept simple but good. This is a recipe for succes at any get together where you are supposed to bring a dish of some kind – and it’s suitable for vegetarians!

One thing – I just with my guests could see just how pretty this Quiche is on the inside. Well, I’ll show you. Cause those cherry tomatoes are just so pretty with feta cheese crumbled all over. You just scroll and see.

Here you have a PDF with the recipe to print and bring into the kitchen!

Ingredients for 1 normal Quiche Dish!

1 dough!

1 pound/500 g Cherry Tomatoes
3½ oz./100 g Basil Pesto
7 oz./200 g Feta Cheese
6 Eggs
1 cup/2,5 dl milk
1 tsp. Salt
½ tsp. Pepper

1. Roll the dough and put it in a normal sized Quiche dish. Remember to prick the bottom with a fork!
2. Add halved cherry tomatoes all over the bottom, skin side up.
3. Crumble half the feta and half the pesto on top.
4. Repeat with the remaining cherry tomatoes, feta and pesto.
5. Whisk the eggs, milk, salt and pepper together and pour it over the quiche.
6. Bake the Quiche at 400°F/200 °C for 50 minutes.

This Quiche is so easy to make. You have like no prep – it is literally just assembling. Just buy a nice dough in the store and your’e good to go! You will be ready with this Quiche in an hour – and that includes baking it!

I personally think this Quiche goes great as part of a buffet or a simple lunch – just because of its simplicity. I am already imagining a picnic with my girlfriends at the beach. And with that I am saying yes – yes you can eat this Quiche hot or cold. Isn’t that just genius?


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