Ovenbaked Oilfree Potato Wedges

Potatoes.. Danes love them. I ramble on about this potato love in my Potato Lasagna Recipe and I will spear you a whole long story this time. Just trust me when I say we, as a people, have a historical and cultural love for potatoes! And just to do some terminology clarification:

Potatoes: Small, yellow, and great for boiling.
Baking potatoes: Large, yellow and great for baking or mashing.
Sweet potatoes: Large, red, and great for baking or mashing.

And this is the definitions I will always use forever more until eternity. Do you agree, or should I change it? At the moment I am very occupied with this huge vegan community that seems to be very much all over youtube. Have any one else noticed this? I find my self reflecting upon my relationship with meat – being a carnivore and everything, and I find the idea of cutting out meat very appealing.

Of course this is still very much just random wild thoughts at the moment, and I am eager to see what this has turned into one year from now. Maybe I have forgotten all about it – maybe I’ve made a change. I don’t know.

But for right now, I am trying many more meatless recipes and trying to change the mindset of myself and people around me, that meat is a necessity for a whole meal. I think, in any matter, we should be more conscious about what we eat. Don’t just eat meat because it’s how we’ve always had dinner. So, as from now on, I will try to always make conscious decisions about what and why I eat meat.

That brings me to the recipe for today. Potato Wedges. It seems simple right?? That’s because it is simple. But this recipe is a first in the “conscious choices era” – (I know – it sound so cool) – with potato wedges I have always been told, that they need oil and they are just a side dish. Nope! I’m not gonna accept that. So this recipe is oil free and it works very well with a side dish – cause lets face it, potatoes are awesome and they don’t need a steak to complete them! I myself find, that my Tomato Sauce is a much greater soulmate for these bad boys!

Ingredients (For 4 people with e.g. Falafel on the side or 2 people w/o side)

900 g Potatoes
Garlic powder

1) Preheat the oven to 225°C/437°F
2) Peel the potatoes (optional – else just wash them)
3) Cut into wedges of similar size
4) Cover with cold water in a pot
5) Add a tbsp salt and put on a lid
6) Turn on high heat
7) Once the potatoes are boiling set a timer for 5 minutes.
8) When the 5 minutes are up – turn of the heat – drain the potatoes and pour over cold water to stop the cooking process.
9) Get a baking tray lined with parchment paper
10) Sprinkle the paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper over the parchment paper in an even layer
11) Pour out the potatoes on the paper – grab the sides and carefully move the potatoes around until evenly covered by seasonings
12) Layer the potatoes evenly on the baking tray
13) Bake for about 35 minutes in the oven – if they bake for longer they will crisp up more, but I like it when they still have some potato left inside – come on we are not making french fries!
14) Serve warm! Keep it simple and devour with a little ketchup, I know you want to! It’s just that good.

There are literally millions af different ways to season this. So I would love to know your favorite potato seasoning – because, honestly, this is the only one I have ever done. One brave option is to omit the seasonings all together, potato tastes delicious all by them self. Try and challenge yourself to just taste the food you eat once in a while – I know that’s a big challenge for me.

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