Quick Dinner for Busy Nights

My day today has been totally bawse – yes it has. It has been procrastinating and eating pizza and plenty of oatmeal. I have literally been lying down 45% of the last 24 hours – just staring at youtube, snapchat and other good things. And I was totally allowed cause I turned my bachelor in today!! Yay!

This was my celebratory bachelor Pizza. It’s double tomato, no cheese with pineapple, tomato, onion, garlic, corn and bell peppers. Even my husband liked it! And the pizza guy was mesmerized by all the colors – he called it a “Summer-Pizza”

Now, I normally post on the 5., 10., 15., 20., 25. and 30. every month. My brain likes this kind of order and I find it achievable for me almost all the time. Sometimes I have 4 or 5 scheduled posts and sometimes I just barely make it. But this time – it is really really bad. Also, I usually post at 10 in the morning or something like that – but as I’m writing this it’s 22:54! How did this happen to me?? Well, I have two major excuses. Both are true and I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not they are legit excuses.

Excuse 1: Bachelor Thesis
I know, this is all a matter of horrific planning. I have been writing my thesis for months now, and never has it been a problem to get some great recipes out on time. But the last two weeks have consisted of 15 hour work days to get that bad ass assignment signed, sealed & delivered on time. And the deadline of this was 12 o’clock May 30th. As in – today. So I have literally been cooking potato wedges and eating  fruit bars for two weeks. Yeah I know – super healthy! But it got me out on the other side with a thesis that I am actually pretty happy with! Now it’s just about the oral defense on June 14th. But hopefully I won’t neglect my beloved blog in the prep for that exam.

Excuse 2: Going Vegan
Since my last blog post was written like 2 weeks ago I have decided to actually go vegan. I know it’s probably a slow process, but I am taking it one step at a time. But consequently that means that now I know absolutely no recipes what so ever. So I’m starting from scratch again and that means the new post doesn’t just happen over night.  Please comment some vegan recipes I should try out. That would be so helpful!

Now, I don’t know how good you think my excuses are. So I’m just gonna apologize anyways. I’m sorry dear blog – I will hopefully never do this again. And to you dear people reading this. I am not gonna go crazy vegan on you. I still believe food should be cheap, easy, freeze- or stockable and tasty. I’m not gonna turn all hemp seed and nutritional yeast kinda vegan – ain’t nobody got money for that. I just wanna make cooking simple – vegan or not. You should always be able to eat a clean and home-cooked meal when you get home at night just by looking in your freezer or fridge.

All that being said I do have a little quick and easy fix – recipe for you to enjoy on busy nights as mine was this Saturday! I just literally pulled freezer and pantry stuff into a hot mess and ate it. I was so busy I even forgot to salt it. That was just a little bland for me – so I have added a little salt to the recipe.

Cous-Cous Mishmash for two
½ cup Couscous
½ bag Wok Mix from freezer
½ cup cubes of Sweet Potato
½ cuo frozen Peas
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Oil

1. Get a pan in medium heat and add oil and the cubes of sweet potato and the couscous.
2. Roast for 5 minutes while stirring.
3. Add water and salt until the couscous is just covered, keep it boiling under a lid for about 10 minutes. Make sure it doesn’t burn – if it burns just add a little more water.
4. Then add all the veggies and cook for about 5 more minutes with no lid so the rest of the water will evaporate.
5. Now eat!

I told you this was an easy recipe. Come on, it’s barely a recipe. It’s just to show you that pizza is not a food for lazy people – this is. Pizza is a food for celebrating! Let’s keep it that way!

And this can obviously be spiced any way you like. Or you could use other veggies. Some lentils or bulgur. All I’m trying to say is that you will probably find something in your kitchen that will work for this dish.

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