Skinny Cream Potatoes!

In Denmark we have this Potato dish. It’s called Cream Potatoes, and the name basically tells every secret there is to this dish: Potatoes and Cream. It is a very traditional type of potatoes, and in Denmark Cream Potatoes is literally a part of any party buffet. You get 2-3 types of meat, some nice salads, some kind of oven baked potato and then always Cream potatoes.

And I will not lie: I love Cream Potatoes. Come on! Everybody in Denmark loves Cream potatoes. The basic recipe is something like this: Potatoes, onion, salt, pepper, nutmeg and cream. And what you do it just literally bake slices of potatoes covered in cream! That’s it. No prepping, no mixing, no anything.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s a lot like scalloped potatoes – without the cheese. But enough about this classic. I’m going to make a version you can eat all the time with no (or little) risk of a heart attack.Skinny Vegan Cream Potatoes Continue reading “Skinny Cream Potatoes!”

Great Vegan Youtubers – Being Vegan on the Internet

So, I have seriously been binge-watching all kinds of youtube the last three weeks. It’s so bad. It’s like – if I fail my exam Tuesday (update: I didn’t) I am totally gonna blame it on Youtube. Hmm. Maybe I can sue Google?? Nah.

But seriously, I have watched so much youtube and I realized I wanted to make a list off all the great channels I have been watching since I really could have used that my self.

I have like a bunch of different kinds of channels – some great cooking and lifestyle channels – some more scientific channels – and some channels that are more progressive like activists with response videos and such. I have listed a bunch and will do ongoing updating on descriptions as I watch more of the content ūüôā

Primarily science stuff:

Nutrition Facts Dr. Michael Greger shares the latest research on different nutrition and based on science he promotes plant based eating as better for your health.
Bite Size Vegan Emily has a huge passion for the animals, does a great amount of research for her videos and has a lot of background stuff aswell PLUS she has a non graphic series for kids. Her channel has a lot of everything.
Mic. the Vegan Mic makes very science based videos and responses to videos. He have some humoures videos with a vegan message too. He is one of my favorites on the tube.
Erin Janus¬†Erin doesn’t have a lot of videos yet, but she is very good and direct.
Unnatural Vegan¬†This is also very scientific like Mic. but that doesn’t mean they agree on everything. She’s a little different than the typical type of Vegan. If you are tired of the typical vegan check her out.
Meat Your Future
John McDougall

Primarily recipe/lifestyle stuff:

Cheap Lazy vegan
The Vegan Corner
Cooking with Plants
Marys Test Kitchen
More Salt Please
The Happy Pear
Bonny Rebecca
High Carb Hannah
Fully Raw Kristina Kristina is so loving and kind and will not say a bad word in her videos about anyone. Her videos are recipes, vlogs, tips and tricks, and her opinion on a bunch of issues.
Jenny Mustard

Rawsomehealthy A raw vegan family who travels and are raising a raw vegan toddler. There are recipes and a lot of other lifestyle topics.

Happy Healthy Vegan Anji and Ryan are really trying to be kind and accepting in their videos, and do both responses, information, lifestyle, and recipes.

Primarily activist or educational stuff: 

BananaTV Nicole and Cayley do educational content. A bunch of tips, tricks and great information. And a little lifestyle.
That Vegan Couple Natasha and Luca is a very adorable couple. They live in Thailand and do a bunch of response videos. They are very compassionate about veganism but still mostly kind to other people too.
Plant Based News¬†Literally the vegan news cast – covering the news on veganism around the world. It’s cool.
Freelee the Banana Girl I am not personally a huge fan of Freelee. Some might say she is awefull and hatefull Рbut I think she is just a little different and very straight forward, and I think some people need that Рso check her out for yourself!
The Vegan Activist The most monoton voice I have ever heard Рbut he has so many informational videos and offers a great perspective on small guides and tips. He is worth watching despite of the slightly boring voice over.
Gary Yourofsky¬†Some would say the father of all vegan activists – some have never heard of him. But his “Best speech ever” is very famous.

Now be sure to watch the videos that is good for you. If you need recipes, don’t watch hundreds of activist videos – but if you need a good argument when your uncle says you get no protein and will die – defiantly watch the science videos.

An important thing to notice is that I have not seen all the videos on every channel – but if you see one of the channels and realize it’s a crap channel – please comment so I can remove the channel from the list. And on the other hand – if someone is missing from this list please share and I will check them out – and if you think you should be on the list that’s okay too!

And for my Danish readers I have collected the great Danish Youtubers as well:

Rita Peace
Sofie Simone
Rask på Raw

Lentil Bolognese

So I found a very old draft I made for this post:

I’m Quite fascinated by this Meatless Monday idea. This is fourfold: The enviorment seems to like it, my wallet seems to like it, my scale could like it and it is a great excuse for me to test a whole new field of cooking.

I have some vegetarian recipes on my blog already. To be honest, the recipe that triggered this Meatless Fascination was the Indian wonder Aloo Mattar! This is truly a dinner that you can eat without feeling the lack of meat – and now I’m going to find more of those dinner opportunities.

A lot has happened since then and I like the story these old drafts tell about me.¬†I just love the idea that every human being has a life story to tell that is just as detailed and filled with memories, experiences, opinions and beliefs as my own. This is probably why I love the internet so much – especially youtube. It’s a little glimpse into someones life. It’s fascinating. I feel like whenever I remind myself that everyone else is as complex a human being as myself I just develop greater tolerance for people who are different than me. Do any of you feel the same way?

About the bolognese: I actually never got to make it back then – but since going vegan I just had to try it. So this Tuesday, when I was actually supposed to study for my final exam, I decided trying a new recipe was a perfect way to procrastinate. And I must say it ended up being a very fruitful procrastination session. Cause this bolognese is GOOD.Lentil Bolognese Continue reading “Lentil Bolognese”

Brownies! Testing recipes part one!

I know I said I don’t do many baked goods on this blog – and this is still true. But! In about 3 weeks my husband and I are having a party and I really want to be able to get some of the cake at the party (who wouldn’t) – so I have got to fix some vegan brownies before it’s to late.

This means I have to test some recipes and see if I can make an inexpensive brownie that will work well with ice cream. This is not an attempt at making a healthy brownie – just so we are clear! I am not testing anything here other than how to make a cake that is egg and milk free. And that is literally what I made. A very normal- but slightly to moist – brownie. It was gooey and very rich. And it was impossible for me to get it out of the dish without breaking it so there will be no super fancy pictures! But I will try more recipes next week, so lets see if that turns out better. Continue reading “Brownies! Testing recipes part one!”