Brownies! Testing recipes part one!

I know I said I don’t do many baked goods on this blog – and this is still true. But! In about 3 weeks my husband and I are having a party and I really want to be able to get some of the cake at the party (who wouldn’t) – so I have got to fix some vegan brownies before it’s to late.

This means I have to test some recipes and see if I can make an inexpensive brownie that will work well with ice cream. This is not an attempt at making a healthy brownie – just so we are clear! I am not testing anything here other than how to make a cake that is egg and milk free. And that is literally what I made. A very normal- but slightly to moist – brownie. It was gooey and very rich. And it was impossible for me to get it out of the dish without breaking it so there will be no super fancy pictures! But I will try more recipes next week, so lets see if that turns out better.

Just for good blog morals, I should probably mention that I found the original recipe on youtube where I have been enjoying watching many of the “The Vegan Corner” recipe videos. I have changed a little here and there according to my personal preference.

1 small brownie (16 small pieces) 
110 g flour
30 g cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
200 g sugar
30 g syrup
120 g coconut milk
5 drops vanilla extract
12 Almonds
8 squares Dark chocolate


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (355°F)
2. Spray a brownie dish with oil or line with parcement paper
3. Chop the almonds and chocolate to your preferred size
4. Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl, then add the rest of the ingredients and mix well together
5. Bake for about 25 minutes – I baked it for 20 minutes and it was a little to gooey on the bottom for my taste
6. Keep in a bag or container for as long as you can resist eating it – I’m pretty convinced it won’t go bad before it’s devoured.

My plan for the party is actually to crumble up the brownie so it can be mixed with ice cream. I think it sounds delicious and I am already exited to eat it. But I’m considering testing a different fill – like an experimental substitute for the almonds and chocolate pieces. But what would a great filling be? I would love a suggestion I could try. I just feel like brownies are always made with walnuts here in Denmark – and I find it super unappealing to be honest. I do only like walnuts in my Waldorf Salad! 

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