About me..

Soo.. What do people, who get to this page, really wanna know? Are you just lost because you missed the right button?

I think this should be worth reading anyway!

I am Malene! This is me. I am a 25 year old Danish woman! I have a lot of different things going on in my life! I would like to tell you all about all of it – but you are here for recipes – so I think it’s appropriate to start with the cooking!

I am not one of those masterchef junior kids or something. Cooking was something I dreaded for the 5 years I lived alone – cooking for just yourself simply isn’t fun. And as a kid, I stayed far out of the kitchen. It was the forbidden land – the territory of my mother when she was cooking, and then, when cleaning, my father was the chief!

So when I say that my journey started 5 minutes ago I’m close to literal. I have been cooking since I got married in June 2013 and the last year I have been trying all kinds of new stuff! And I absolutely love it!  This is my passion! I can’t wait to come home and spend an hour in the kitchen every evening cooking up dinner. But just as much as I love the time in the kitchen, I enjoy the time by the computer!

I love Youtube! I love Pinterest! I love Instagram! Hurray for the world wide web in all it’s glory! I am completely in love with Chef John from Foodwishes! I fall asleep at night to his singing american voice! But when I need to wake up in the morning, I need someone a little more energetic! That’s when I’m calling for a “Hi Guys” by Laura Vitale! Her cooking show Laura in the Kitchen is great as well!

I have a few others on my radar too. I will share some great internet chefs along the way as I try their recipes!

One more thing! I like food to be healthy! I don’t go over-the-top-expensive-weird-stuff on you in my recipes. Lets face it: I haven’t even tried chia seeds yet and it was just last week that I tried quinoa for the first time! (updated: I have made chia seeds a part of my daily breakfast, they too come on sale) But that being said, I like a healthier alternative! I like trying potatoes over spaghetti  in any dish! And adding more water is something I just have to try! And Squash is also getting smuggled into all kind of stuff these days.

If you by any chance should disagree with me on my healthy alternatives, which wouldn’t surprise me, you have two options: The first one is to totally comment! That would make me a world of happy. Tell me how you would make this recipe even healthier or how I could be wrong in my effort! Number two is to just laugh silently at me and make your own modifications to the recipes. That is cool to. I just like it better when people laugh to my face than behind my back. Mostly because I am a very curious person and I like to be challenged.

If you have some great suggestions for food that is to die for, or a gorgeous food blog that I should see, just please please let me know! The internet is SOO big and I’m just one tiny woman! I am more than open to recipe challenges – so if you have a food blog I would love to try one of your recipes on my blog – just let me know!

If you would like to hear about some of my stuff that isn’t cooking related, I have a bunch of knowledge about myself that I would be more than happy to share. This is just a little preview to make you want more:

I am 25 years old. I’m married to Sune. We live in Denmark. I am a nurse. From November ’14 to May ’15 I lost an impressive 18 kg and then I put on a solid 3 kg that probably aren’t going anywhere. Now I am at a stable 59 kg and trying to be satisfied with that. I am a Christian and I have always been. I like to paint and doodle and I have a creative mindset – but I don’t have the patience to paint! Because of my huge appetite for cake, there will not be a lot of sweet recipes on this blog. It is simply too dangerous for me!

If you got to the end of this massive amount of words, send me a link to your blog and I promise I will read it!

2 thoughts on “About me..

  1. Hej Malene,

    nice to see another foodblog that is hosted from somewhere in Denmark, but written in English 😉 and also nice to see, that you love healthy, simple food as well!
    Do you like baking as well, or are you just focusing on cooking savory dishes?

    Hilsner fra København 😉


    1. Hi Frauke.

      Lovely to see someone reaching my “About” page 🙂
      I do like to bake – a lot. But I also very much like to eat cake (a little too much). So, the only reason I rarely bake is to avoid diabetes.

      Btw – I just checked out your blog. It’s really inspirational – making Nutella stars and Apple roses that are Instagram worthy. I’m impressed I must say.

      Liked by 1 person

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