Quiche no 6: Veggies!

I have to admit one thing about this Quiche. The design was not something I came up with – I have been wondering around Pinterest, and I’ve found a lot of recipes I would love to test. And this concept was actually one of them.

I am always very skeptical with this picture perfect foods, cause I have been disappointed again and again. They look so pretty but taste no good. But this one was more than decent. And the ingredients was so simple – and very interchangeable I guess.

And in my own opinion I have made quite the masterpiece this time. Compared to most of my food this is an aesthetic wonder of the world – and much easier than I thought it would be!

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Quiche № 5: Chicken & Broccoli

Yes – I know! I’t getting old with all these Quiches – but I seriously love Quiche. And as of right now, I will honestly tell you, this is not the last one. It’s the second last one.. And you just start getting exited for the next one already – cause it’s a vegetarian one!

These last couple of weeks has been absolutely crazy. I am working on my Bachelor thesis that is due at the end of this month – that’s a killer, and it’s causing me to try out no new recipes these days. It sucks, so I’m so exited to be done, and get back to cooking. But what should my next kitchen experiment be? I’m gonna try something German. I know, seems weird but it’s gonna be fun. But I’m on the look for more experiments and I would love suggestions from all of your lovely blogs – and if I try out your recipe I’m loyal enough to backlink 😉

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Quiche № 4: Cherry Tomato, Pesto and Feta Cheese

This is probably the most sophisticated Quiche I will EVER make! Like literally! This looks so so pretty, it’s not nearly as messed up as my Taco Quiche, it doesn’t scream cheap like my Potato & Onion Quiche and you just feel a lot more in fashion when you eat this Quiche.

Do you sense that I am particularly proud of this, the fourth Quiche? This time its kept simple but good. This is a recipe for succes at any get together where you are supposed to bring a dish of some kind – and it’s suitable for vegetarians!

One thing – I just with my guests could see just how pretty this Quiche is on the inside. Well, I’ll show you. Cause those cherry tomatoes are just so pretty with feta cheese crumbled all over. You just scroll and see. Continue reading “Quiche № 4: Cherry Tomato, Pesto and Feta Cheese”

Quiche № 3: Taco-style

I really like Tortillas. I don’t know what that means to you – but in Denmark “Tortillas” (pronounced with hard “L’s”) is a Tortilla Pancake filled with taco-seasoned ground beef, salad, salsa, dressing, guacamole and shredded mozzarella. Yes, it is very similar to the filling of a Taco shell. That is the kind of Tortilla that has won the hearts here in Denmark for sure. I’ll do a recipe for you some time, cause they are so good!

But for now I’m still doing my Quiche-mania so it’s on to a Tortilla style Quiche. But to make everyone associate with the right filling, I present: The Taco Quiche! The Taco Quiche is impossible to find online, but it’s not super common. For my recipe I will brag and say I found no inspiration online – I made this one all in my own head. So that makes me particularly proud.

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Quiche № 2: Potato & Onion

We are staying in the cheapest end of quiches. This is the winner in the budget friendly quiche category with only 20,- (Equal to 3 dollars) for a 4 person quiche. That is not a lot and you can thank the Spanish people for this. It is simply a Spanish Tortilla in a crust.

But at the same time this might be my favorite quiche. So simple and yet so delicious. Yum, yum, yum!

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Quiche № 01: Leek & Ham

I like Quiche! You know I like Meatballs – you know I like Smoothies – but one thing your’e about to know is that I like Quiche! At this moment I have 5 different Quiches prepared for my blog! So yeah! This is the beginning of yet another adventure in numbers! And I hope you will read this with the same enthusiasm as I am writing it!

The beginning of this adventure is cheap and simple. I made 5 different quiches one day, you know, your average procrastination, right? A lot of the quiches were rather expensive and experimental or just decadent and delicious. But this one – it is as down to earth as an average man from West-Jutland – and that is very down to earth, I will have you know!

Now the recipe is for a small baking dish and not a traditional quiche-dish, so it will be necessary to adjust this for your own preferred quiche-baking equipment.

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