Skinny Cream Potatoes!

In Denmark we have this Potato dish. It’s called Cream Potatoes, and the name basically tells every secret there is to this dish: Potatoes and Cream. It is a very traditional type of potatoes, and in Denmark Cream Potatoes is literally a part of any party buffet. You get 2-3 types of meat, some nice salads, some kind of oven baked potato and then always Cream potatoes.

And I will not lie: I love Cream Potatoes. Come on! Everybody in Denmark loves Cream potatoes. The basic recipe is something like this: Potatoes, onion, salt, pepper, nutmeg and cream. And what you do it just literally bake slices of potatoes covered in cream! That’s it. No prepping, no mixing, no anything.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s a lot like scalloped potatoes – without the cheese. But enough about this classic. I’m going to make a version you can eat all the time with no (or little) risk of a heart attack.Skinny Vegan Cream Potatoes Continue reading “Skinny Cream Potatoes!”

Danish Classic: Carrot Salad

Now this is a true classic salad in Denmark. It is a carrot salad and it is a great little salad that I loved so so much as a child! I still love it, but because of the sugar I don’t eat it so much anymore. But I will tell you one thing – it goes very well with lasagna!

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Yummy Tomato Sauce & Gnocchi!

So, I actually have made Gnocchi before and I have made Tomato Sauce before and it has all tasted very nice. But I have never written down a recipe, calculated the calories or evaluated with my husband what could be improved. But now I have!

Just a few weeks ago we were having some leftovers for dinner. Now, this is true: We are still eating American Meatballs because I made such a bunch. But hey, they are pretty darn good, so why wouldn’t we? So we were having meatballs, and we wanted potatoes along side of them. But the potatoes we bought (on sale, how stupid) were not good at all. So we decided to mash them up and make them into something beautiful! And that we did! That we did! On top of that I happened to make an extraordinarily great pasta sauce that night, so I think it deserved a spot since Gnocchi is so easy, it barely counts as a recipe itself.

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What I eat in a day!

So, I bet I’m not the only one who have noticed that “What I eat in a day” videos are widely popular and requested on YouTube. And I will admit this: I watch them too. In fact, I love “What I eat in a day”-videos. They are so inspiring and interesting and I just love the concept.

I find it especially interesting to see what people from other countries eat – because most of the time, I am like: “How do they live without rye-bread? Why is everything defined as snacks? Why all the processed food?”

But to be serious, I don’t understand how anyone live without ryebread! And about the “snacks”: In Denmark, we don’t do snacks like Americans do. In Denmark, we have 5-6 meals a day – and they all have their own name. Like the meal between lunch and dinner is not just a “snack”. It is a meal we eat together – a lot of people even set the table for this meal, and in rough translation it is called: Afternoon Coffee. This is eaten by almost any family with children and probably most other Danes as well. And it is not a snack! For us, a snack is what we accidentally eat between lunch and afternoon coffee. And just to be extra weird, we also have pre-lunch coffee and evening coffee as totally legit meals.

Food I eat in one ordinary day!

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Red lentil Dahl

In the name of trying new stuff I was determined to try some Indian cuisine. I started out with a very successful Tikka Masala – but apparently that has its origin from the great Britain. So far not so good. I’ll try again with this Indian Red Lentil Dahl. And this better be Indian!

Red Lentil
No amount of filtering is gonna make this look delicious – but it is!

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