Quiche № 5: Chicken & Broccoli

Yes – I know! I’t getting old with all these Quiches – but I seriously love Quiche. And as of right now, I will honestly tell you, this is not the last one. It’s the second last one.. And you just start getting exited for the next one already – cause it’s a vegetarian one!

These last couple of weeks has been absolutely crazy. I am working on my Bachelor thesis that is due at the end of this month – that’s a killer, and it’s causing me to try out no new recipes these days. It sucks, so I’m so exited to be done, and get back to cooking. But what should my next kitchen experiment be? I’m gonna try something German. I know, seems weird but it’s gonna be fun. But I’m on the look for more experiments and I would love suggestions from all of your lovely blogs – and if I try out your recipe I’m loyal enough to backlink 😉

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Meatball № 2: Ground Chicken!

Now it’s time again. It’s time for another recipe with ground meats. I just love it when any kind of meat has been cut up into bits. It’s like – everything tastes amazing when you don’t really know if its heads or tails!

Yeah – I know it sounds rather unsettling, but it’s true. And for that reason, and the fact that apparently we should cut down on red meats, I decided to experiment with chicken patties. I already uploaded a recipe for the very old fashioned pork-patties that is almost the national dish here in Denmark.

The ground principle of this recipe is completely the same as the pork-patties. But because I find chicken to be that much more bland in flavor I decided to add a good amount of dried basil. I guess one could leave that out or experiment with different kinds of seasonings. But I won’t – for now.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

I have looked at so many recipes for Chicken Tikka Masala, but they were all to much work. Always, with the fennelseeds, the yoghurt, the hours of marinading and the boneless skinless chicken thighs, that doesn’t sell in Denmark.

Come on, I just want an easy fix, so I watched a lot of blogposts and youtube videos and got an idea of what a Chicken Tikka Masala should contain and what could be skipped without ruining the final result.

I have made this twice now, and my husband, my friend, my dad and even my mom likes it. That is something.

Tikka Masala with Chicken

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Soup № 1: Curry, Coconut & Chicken!

Just this Thursday night I was so in the mood for soup. It’s fall in Denmark and that means soup weather. I’ve tried potato-leek soup, minestrone soup, chicken soup, carrot-ginger soup and so on. But I never really tested any curry soups myself. And that is weird since I’ve always loved eating them. And so the research began. Last week at work I tasted a Curry/Coconut soup, so I already decided, that this soup was gonna have coconut milk in it. Oh boy, the internet did not have anything of what I was looking for – so I made my own recipe! And I think it turned out great. Only thing is that I didn’t put enough coconut milk in – so I adjusted that for this recipe.

Curry Coconut Soup

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