Skinny Cream Potatoes!

In Denmark we have this Potato dish. It’s called Cream Potatoes, and the name basically tells every secret there is to this dish: Potatoes and Cream. It is a very traditional type of potatoes, and in Denmark Cream Potatoes is literally a part of any party buffet. You get 2-3 types of meat, some nice salads, some kind of oven baked potato and then always Cream potatoes.

And I will not lie: I love Cream Potatoes. Come on! Everybody in Denmark loves Cream potatoes. The basic recipe is something like this: Potatoes, onion, salt, pepper, nutmeg and cream. And what you do it just literally bake slices of potatoes covered in cream! That’s it. No prepping, no mixing, no anything.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s a lot like scalloped potatoes – without the cheese. But enough about this classic. I’m going to make a version you can eat all the time with no (or little) risk of a heart attack.Skinny Vegan Cream Potatoes Continue reading “Skinny Cream Potatoes!”

Quiche № 3: Taco-style

I really like Tortillas. I don’t know what that means to you – but in Denmark “Tortillas” (pronounced with hard “L’s”) is a Tortilla Pancake filled with taco-seasoned ground beef, salad, salsa, dressing, guacamole and shredded mozzarella. Yes, it is very similar to the filling of a Taco shell. That is the kind of Tortilla that has won the hearts here in Denmark for sure. I’ll do a recipe for you some time, cause they are so good!

But for now I’m still doing my Quiche-mania so it’s on to a Tortilla style Quiche. But to make everyone associate with the right filling, I present: The Taco Quiche! The Taco Quiche is impossible to find online, but it’s not super common. For my recipe I will brag and say I found no inspiration online – I made this one all in my own head. So that makes me particularly proud.

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Yummy Tomato Sauce & Gnocchi!

So, I actually have made Gnocchi before and I have made Tomato Sauce before and it has all tasted very nice. But I have never written down a recipe, calculated the calories or evaluated with my husband what could be improved. But now I have!

Just a few weeks ago we were having some leftovers for dinner. Now, this is true: We are still eating American Meatballs because I made such a bunch. But hey, they are pretty darn good, so why wouldn’t we? So we were having meatballs, and we wanted potatoes along side of them. But the potatoes we bought (on sale, how stupid) were not good at all. So we decided to mash them up and make them into something beautiful! And that we did! That we did! On top of that I happened to make an extraordinarily great pasta sauce that night, so I think it deserved a spot since Gnocchi is so easy, it barely counts as a recipe itself.

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Smoothies! a Combination Collection!

I like Smoothies and Milkshakes! Well, who doesn’t?? This post is simply an ongoing collection of my favorite combinations.

With all the combinations you should adjust the liquid amount to your liking. I like a smoothie to be a little on the thin side but sometimes a smoothie that can be eaten with a spoon is all you need!

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Meatball № 2: Ground Chicken!

Now it’s time again. It’s time for another recipe with ground meats. I just love it when any kind of meat has been cut up into bits. It’s like – everything tastes amazing when you don’t really know if its heads or tails!

Yeah – I know it sounds rather unsettling, but it’s true. And for that reason, and the fact that apparently we should cut down on red meats, I decided to experiment with chicken patties. I already uploaded a recipe for the very old fashioned pork-patties that is almost the national dish here in Denmark.

The ground principle of this recipe is completely the same as the pork-patties. But because I find chicken to be that much more bland in flavor I decided to add a good amount of dried basil. I guess one could leave that out or experiment with different kinds of seasonings. But I won’t – for now.

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The Super Fast & Cheating Kind of Falafel

I’ll admit this! I always look for an easy way out. Also when it comes to cooking. That’s why I want to find an easy way to make falafel so badly. Nothing inside me wants to soak chickpeas 24 hours before. If cooking takes more than 4 hours, it’s simply too time consuming!

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make my delicious Falafel again – it just means I’ll have to tell everyone about it over and over again to make myself feel better about spending so much time on one meal.

Now, this is my take on a much easier Falafel recipe. The amounts you see in the pictures have been adjusted, cause, let’s face it, nobody want that much frozen parsley in their Falafel. It makes them taste like grandma’s parsley sauce. We don’t want that!

Falafel with canned chickpeas

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Breakfast Oatmeal Muffins!

Right when I started my new job I was trying out new easy to-go breakfast alternatives. I get up at 6 a.m. so I need something that I can bring to work and eat at 8.30. That means it’s muffintime!

So we are back to the health issue. All the recipes I seemed to stumble upon were filled with honey, flour or sugar. No offense but I have the American people suspected for using a lot more sugar in everything than we Danes are used to. In general we don’t like food that is to sweet. Since Denmark is a small country with ocean all around everyone lives less than 50 miles/90 km from the ocean. It’s a common understanding, that living so close to the ocean has made us salt-lovers. A lot of Danes add salt to their food without tasting it first and we often think cakes and stuff from other countries are way to sweet. In fact it is such a problem in Denmark that political campaign for reducing the salt intake are just as normal as the ones telling us to eat less sugar. So that’s a bit of Danish culture for you right here.

So obviously I wanted something that was a lot closer to oatmeal in a muffinshape than a Turkish delight. Finally I stumpled upon this this recipe and it looked close to what I had in mind. I tried it – then I altered it – and then I tried a thousand different variations! Now I have my breakfast to-go and I couldn’t be happier.

Healthy breakfast

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Banana & Egg Pancakes!

I know this has become a complete internet classic! But I too have my very own take on the healthy pancake era, and I’ll share it with you today! Why? Because I love pancakes!

My Husband and I used to buy these great pancakes at the supermarket. They were super fatty and unhealthy, and they tasted like a dream! After a minute in the micro you’d get two minutes in food-heaven.

Then I started dieting – oh how that changed everything. So now the crappy delicious pancakes are gone and the banana pancakes are all in!

I have looked at a bunch of recipes and tried a lot of different things, and I’ll talk all about that at the bottom of this post.

Pancakes with eggs and banana

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