Now this is the recipe you have all been waiting for! No, wait. The recipe is actually not that big of a deal. It’s the experience you have all been waiting for!

Homemade pita bread! It was what made the table go wild when they tasted it! My husband and my friend, the usual test rabbits, generously approved and praised the bread!

I promise you now: This is worth the trouble! And it’s not even that much trouble. It’s just a lot of waiting. But while you are waiting you should make Falafels, Tzatziki and a salad, and you have yourself a great dinner! FYI: If you don’t have a bowl of chickpeas soaking yesterday make these Falafels instead.

Once you try these pitas you are never going back to that store-bought crap again. Oh well, of course you are. Let’s face it! Even I am. But you still owe it to yourself to give you and your company this experience! Trust me and do it!

Pita bread

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I sincerely hope, that you have tried my Falafels! They are very nice! But Falafel needs Tzatziki in my opinion. Well, actually Falafel needs hummus, but I find it’s a bit much. So I redefined the Falafel standards in our house, to be accompanied by Tzatziki.

I’m not gonna spend a thousand words and pictures on getting you super excited for Tzatziki! I’m just gonna give you a standard recipe, and then I want you to go get super exited about the homemade Pita bread instead!

If you have to choose between making your own Tzatziki or making your own Pita bread – I command you! Make your own bread!

But if you do have time for both, here is a very great recipe for Tzatziki!

Delicious chickpea falafel

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The Super Fast & Cheating Kind of Falafel

I’ll admit this! I always look for an easy way out. Also when it comes to cooking. That’s why I want to find an easy way to make falafel so badly. Nothing inside me wants to soak chickpeas 24 hours before. If cooking takes more than 4 hours, it’s simply too time consuming!

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make my delicious Falafel again – it just means I’ll have to tell everyone about it over and over again to make myself feel better about spending so much time on one meal.

Now, this is my take on a much easier Falafel recipe. The amounts you see in the pictures have been adjusted, cause, let’s face it, nobody want that much frozen parsley in their Falafel. It makes them taste like grandma’s parsley sauce. We don’t want that!

Falafel with canned chickpeas

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Falafel! The right way!

For a long time now I’ve had a dream. A dream of making homemade falafel. And now I finally decided to realize that dream. Times four!

That’s right, I made four different kinds of falafel and bought a fifth kind in the store.

I have two different recipes for falafel coming up. The winning falafel will be revealed in this post. Then, in the other post, I reveal the “super easy and kind of cheating – falafel

Even though the result wasn’t quite as excellent – the time saved was definitely enough for me to decided I’m going to work on improving that recipe very soon. And I’ll totally let you follow the up and coming falafel journey.

The five versions of falafel I made were: dried chickpeas vs canned chickpeas, oven baked vs pan-fried, and store bought.

Delicious chickpea falafel

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