Quiche № 2: Potato & Onion

We are staying in the cheapest end of quiches. This is the winner in the budget friendly quiche category with only 20,- (Equal to 3 dollars) for a 4 person quiche. That is not a lot and you can thank the Spanish people for this. It is simply a Spanish Tortilla in a crust.

But at the same time this might be my favorite quiche. So simple and yet so delicious. Yum, yum, yum!

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Soup № 2: Minestrone!

I like soup! But I will share this deep dark secret with you: I don’t make them myself. I almost always end up with the ready-made frozen soups from the Danish Brand Mou – cause they are divine! Especially the traditional Danish “clear soup with meat- and flour balls” – as it translates directly – is just much better when bought ready-made.

With this secret out – I am still me – and that means I will still have to try making everything myself – just for fun. In the fall I had a vegetable mania and in that period I tried making Minestrone for the first time. Then time flew by and just before winter ended I realized I should try making it again. So I did, and this is the recipe for it! But one thing is important to take note of! Minestrone shouldn’t be the same every time. My recipe is split in two, a base and the filling. The base is delicious and the vegetables can be changed around at your greatest desire.

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Yummy Tomato Sauce & Gnocchi!

So, I actually have made Gnocchi before and I have made Tomato Sauce before and it has all tasted very nice. But I have never written down a recipe, calculated the calories or evaluated with my husband what could be improved. But now I have!

Just a few weeks ago we were having some leftovers for dinner. Now, this is true: We are still eating American Meatballs because I made such a bunch. But hey, they are pretty darn good, so why wouldn’t we? So we were having meatballs, and we wanted potatoes along side of them. But the potatoes we bought (on sale, how stupid) were not good at all. So we decided to mash them up and make them into something beautiful! And that we did! That we did! On top of that I happened to make an extraordinarily great pasta sauce that night, so I think it deserved a spot since Gnocchi is so easy, it barely counts as a recipe itself.

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Meatball № 3 – Greek Style!

And yes I know we have had our share of meatballs on this blog already but I can’t seem to get enough of this. Pork, Chicken or Beef, you name it, I’ll eat it! Yes, I will! And I know I am going to get known for my meatballs someday! That’s my true life goal! And to get a little closer to that goal we are doing Greek style today!

These meatballs are so delicious. We had them at a party on spears with mushrooms and squash – I didn’t like that to much! But then I reinvented it with mashed potatoes and gravy – and that was very nice! And later on, I talked with one of my friends who suggested eating them with Tzaziki, Salad and Oven Roasted Potatoes – a little more authentic one might say!

Greek Meatballs
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Danish Classics: Pork-Patties. Meatball № 1!

I will have you know one thing about me: I absolutely love my minced meat! And one thing I love even more is traditional Danish Cuisine. Combine the two and you are bound to try this recipe. It is pork-patties! Like pork-meatballs.

These are so good. Traditionally, we eat them with plain boiled potatoes and brown gravy. And the next day they will be perfect on a slice of rye bread! For a more modern attempt to get kids to like this, it can be served with pasta and marinarasauce – and of course as a very Danish kind of fastfood – in a burger with pickled red cabbage.

Yeah – we have about around and close to a hundred different ways to eat this gastronomical wonderchild, but the recipe is always very similar – and it is impossible to screw this one up.

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Aloo Mattar

So I found this blog on wordpress that I really like. It is called Kamals Korner. It is really not a food blog in particular – maybe more of a lifestyle blog. But I stumbled upon this one recipe that looked so good I was ready to make it instantly.

And so I did! I am sitting here waiting for my meal to finish cooking, and I found the recipe last night. That is the fastest I’ve ever changed my dinner plans! But hey – what can i do? I really like Indian food!

This recipe is called Aloo Mattar I guess. I really don’t know and I really can’t tell if it’s in anyway authentic. But it smells very nice in all my kitchen, I will tell you that!

Now, I have changed the recipe up a bit, because I didn’t have the ingredients I needed and I wanted a much bigger portion. But here is my take on it:

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I have seen this dish all over the interwebs and I have been drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Poaching eggs in a sauce – oh there are so many ways I want to try that!

Now I must say that this curiosity arises from a very succesful attempt with a poached egg in a pot of chili. So my new kitchen adventure had to be the, getting closer to famous, SHAKSHUKA! Just the name is so awesome it convinced me to try!

Now I must say that I was sold at the first bite – but to be fair I was a little biased so I served it for my husband as well, you know, to put it to the real test. And it passed! He absolutely loved it too! Only one mistake – we didn’t poach the eggs – we baked them – like a hard boiled baked egg. Bummer! But better luck next time right?

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Green Bean Casserole

I have decided that waiting a whole year to taste the green bean casserole again is simply too long! I have a recipe in my Thanksgiving post, that was very nice. But it wasn’t perfect so I decided tonight was the night to adjust that!

I like beans and I am trying my best to like mushrooms too. You know – it’s not that I hate mushrooms, I just HATE the consistency of it. It is rubbery and ydrk. I am left with my mouth blaming me for torturing it and my mouth doesn’t deserve that. But I really really don’t want to be a picky eater and honestly I really like the taste of mushrooms.

But then what do I do? Well, I just chop the mushrooms up into tiny pieces – and it totally works. You can see what I mean in the step by step pictures below. And that is all the complaining I’m gonna give you about mushrooms for now. Any other mushroom haters out there?


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