Quiche № 3: Taco-style

I really like Tortillas. I don’t know what that means to you – but in Denmark “Tortillas” (pronounced with hard “L’s”) is a Tortilla Pancake filled with taco-seasoned ground beef, salad, salsa, dressing, guacamole and shredded mozzarella. Yes, it is very similar to the filling of a Taco shell. That is the kind of Tortilla that has won the hearts here in Denmark for sure. I’ll do a recipe for you some time, cause they are so good!

But for now I’m still doing my Quiche-mania so it’s on to a Tortilla style Quiche. But to make everyone associate with the right filling, I present: The Taco Quiche! The Taco Quiche is impossible to find online, but it’s not super common. For my recipe I will brag and say I found no inspiration online – I made this one all in my own head. So that makes me particularly proud.

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Quiche № 2: Potato & Onion

We are staying in the cheapest end of quiches. This is the winner in the budget friendly quiche category with only 20,- (Equal to 3 dollars) for a 4 person quiche. That is not a lot and you can thank the Spanish people for this. It is simply a Spanish Tortilla in a crust.

But at the same time this might be my favorite quiche. So simple and yet so delicious. Yum, yum, yum!

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Quiche № 01: Leek & Ham

I like Quiche! You know I like Meatballs – you know I like Smoothies – but one thing your’e about to know is that I like Quiche! At this moment I have 5 different Quiches prepared for my blog! So yeah! This is the beginning of yet another adventure in numbers! And I hope you will read this with the same enthusiasm as I am writing it!

The beginning of this adventure is cheap and simple. I made 5 different quiches one day, you know, your average procrastination, right? A lot of the quiches were rather expensive and experimental or just decadent and delicious. But this one – it is as down to earth as an average man from West-Jutland – and that is very down to earth, I will have you know!

Now the recipe is for a small baking dish and not a traditional quiche-dish, so it will be necessary to adjust this for your own preferred quiche-baking equipment.

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Green Bean Casserole

I have decided that waiting a whole year to taste the green bean casserole again is simply too long! I have a recipe in my Thanksgiving post, that was very nice. But it wasn’t perfect so I decided tonight was the night to adjust that!

I like beans and I am trying my best to like mushrooms too. You know – it’s not that I hate mushrooms, I just HATE the consistency of it. It is rubbery and ydrk. I am left with my mouth blaming me for torturing it and my mouth doesn’t deserve that. But I really really don’t want to be a picky eater and honestly I really like the taste of mushrooms.

But then what do I do? Well, I just chop the mushrooms up into tiny pieces – and it totally works. You can see what I mean in the step by step pictures below. And that is all the complaining I’m gonna give you about mushrooms for now. Any other mushroom haters out there?


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Potato lasagna

I’ve made this dish for a lighter version of a very old friend.. Lasagna!

We LOVE lasagna.. Actually we love lasagnette.. But pasta is kind of a no go in this household at the moment, so I went to another old and dear friend. The potato.

We love potatoes! Actually, my Husband loves potatoes. I’ve mentioned before: My husband likes classic Danish Cuisine. The definition of Danish food is potatoes. Not sweet potatoes like the Americans. Nope! We like white or yellow potatoes here! We love to boil them, and boiled potatoes with brown sauce is used with all kinds of meat in Denmark. You’ll see much more of that in the future on the blog.

What I was saying: We love potatoes and we put potatoes in everything. Now including Lasagna.

I must warn you though: You won’t fool anyone! This is not a Lasagna. We could choose to reefer to this dish as “unmashed Shepards Pie”, that would be just as accurate. Pasta is pasta, and potatoes aren’t gonna fool anyone. That being said, this is still very delicious, and you should make it! Tonight!

Potato Lasagna with ground beef

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Falafel! The right way!

For a long time now I’ve had a dream. A dream of making homemade falafel. And now I finally decided to realize that dream. Times four!

That’s right, I made four different kinds of falafel and bought a fifth kind in the store.

I have two different recipes for falafel coming up. The winning falafel will be revealed in this post. Then, in the other post, I reveal the “super easy and kind of cheating – falafel

Even though the result wasn’t quite as excellent – the time saved was definitely enough for me to decided I’m going to work on improving that recipe very soon. And I’ll totally let you follow the up and coming falafel journey.

The five versions of falafel I made were: dried chickpeas vs canned chickpeas, oven baked vs pan-fried, and store bought.

Delicious chickpea falafel

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Breakfast Oatmeal Muffins!

Right when I started my new job I was trying out new easy to-go breakfast alternatives. I get up at 6 a.m. so I need something that I can bring to work and eat at 8.30. That means it’s muffintime!

So we are back to the health issue. All the recipes I seemed to stumble upon were filled with honey, flour or sugar. No offense but I have the American people suspected for using a lot more sugar in everything than we Danes are used to. In general we don’t like food that is to sweet. Since Denmark is a small country with ocean all around everyone lives less than 50 miles/90 km from the ocean. It’s a common understanding, that living so close to the ocean has made us salt-lovers. A lot of Danes add salt to their food without tasting it first and we often think cakes and stuff from other countries are way to sweet. In fact it is such a problem in Denmark that political campaign for reducing the salt intake are just as normal as the ones telling us to eat less sugar. So that’s a bit of Danish culture for you right here.

So obviously I wanted something that was a lot closer to oatmeal in a muffinshape than a Turkish delight. Finally I stumpled upon this this recipe and it looked close to what I had in mind. I tried it – then I altered it – and then I tried a thousand different variations! Now I have my breakfast to-go and I couldn’t be happier.

Healthy breakfast

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