Danish Classics: Pork-Patties. Meatball № 1!

I will have you know one thing about me: I absolutely love my minced meat! And one thing I love even more is traditional Danish Cuisine. Combine the two and you are bound to try this recipe. It is pork-patties! Like pork-meatballs.

These are so good. Traditionally, we eat them with plain boiled potatoes and brown gravy. And the next day they will be perfect on a slice of rye bread! For a more modern attempt to get kids to like this, it can be served with pasta and marinarasauce – and of course as a very Danish kind of fastfood – in a burger with pickled red cabbage.

Yeah – we have about around and close to a hundred different ways to eat this gastronomical wonderchild, but the recipe is always very similar – and it is impossible to screw this one up.

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Pork ala Italia

This is a very popular meal in my household and with everywhere else I have ever made it. I have never met someone who didn’t like this meal! That says a lot I think.

I can’t argue, that this is not very Italian! But I am sorry, I didn’t name it. But aside from the name this dish is awesome, it has a lot of ingredients and there are thousands of alterations at the end!

And I know – this doesn’t look that much like the gastronomical wonder it is. But Hey! Give it the benefit of the doubt.

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Old Classics: Rice taffel

Today I am going to share with you one of my childhood favorites! Rice Taffel. According to Google translate a Taffel is “Banquet” or “Royal Table”. Contrary to this translation, this is very easy and down to earth food, that is perfect for a dinner party in the 90’s. The “Taffel” is simply referring to the many many different toppings that can be eaten with this – but you will understand much better when you read the recipe.

So it is a little retro – but that doesn’t mean the taste is bad – does it? Well I like it! And for that reason I am going to share this with you – cause you will like it too!

Rice Taffel

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