Danish Classic: Carrot Salad

Now this is a true classic salad in Denmark. It is a carrot salad and it is a great little salad that I loved so so much as a child! I still love it, but because of the sugar I don’t eat it so much anymore. But I will tell you one thing – it goes very well with lasagna!

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Waldorf Salad – a Christmas Sidedish

Waldorf Salad is an Iconic Christmas Sidedish in Denmark. It is by far the least healthy “salad” I’ve ever loved. But that’s just it! I love it! This is by far my favorite Christmas Sidedish. It is sweet and goes perfect with all the duck and gravy and everything. I guess it’s like the Candied Yams for Americans?

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Roasted Chickpeas and Budget Friendly Salad!

It shall be no secret, that I am one big fan of vegetables. They just always taste so good! In a nice minestrone soup, with scrambled eggs, as a snack in a stick or like a salad!

But the salads. Oh, how I find it hard to keep up the creativity when making salads. My biggest problem is, that I always find amazing salad recipes online – but then – when it’s time to shop – all the ingredients are so expensive. In Denmark nuts are exceptionally expensive. Spinach and arugula cost twice as much as iceberg, and even cherry tomatoes can cost enough to wrinkle my nose.

I’m not poor or anything – don’t feel sorry for me! But I’m super cheap or stingy or whatever. Always have been. I hate spending money on stuff that isn’t necessary. And I don’t think arugula or almonds are gonna be missed in my everyday salad.

Since I believe, that I am not the only one that keeps my money in my pocket this is 3 recipes in 1 for a great and cheap salad that is fancy enough for guests. I originally served this with my Chicken Tikka Masala – but then I had leftovers and therefore I had to serve it with the Swedish Sausage Dish and Beef and Brown Onions too. All of which was great. And the final leftovers I ate for lunch – cause nothing should be wasted here!

Salad with roasted chickpeas and fetas

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I sincerely hope, that you have tried my Falafels! They are very nice! But Falafel needs Tzatziki in my opinion. Well, actually Falafel needs hummus, but I find it’s a bit much. So I redefined the Falafel standards in our house, to be accompanied by Tzatziki.

I’m not gonna spend a thousand words and pictures on getting you super excited for Tzatziki! I’m just gonna give you a standard recipe, and then I want you to go get super exited about the homemade Pita bread instead!

If you have to choose between making your own Tzatziki or making your own Pita bread – I command you! Make your own bread!

But if you do have time for both, here is a very great recipe for Tzatziki!

Delicious chickpea falafel

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